My House No Unifi Coverage, What Should I do? Follow These 3 Options

Bro, my area don’t have unifi coverage… How?

Jason Lee

Hi guys.

As we know it, a lot of people are willing to pay for unifi fibre. This is mainly because of speed and package offered by unifi fibre.

Quite lot who complained, and they do not know how to request for unifi coverage. Today i will share with you guys on how to register interest for unifi fibre…

If your home don’t have unifi coverage.

Keep calm because what i want to share with you guys two alternative which might help you to reduce the stress. There are 2 option available right now.

1. Traditional options

You need to identify your nearest TMpoint first. If you dont know, then please refer this link. TMpoint will check your unifi coverage first. Please be sure of your address, you can jot it down before going to TMpoint.

If there are no infrastructure yet, then TMpoint will put you in their waiting list. Sometimes they call it demand list or register interest. Its the same list.

If there are infrastructure, but no port available, TMpoint will find the nearest port for you. They will proceed to request for additional port if necessary.

2. Digital options

For those who doesn’t got time to walk in, you can do it online. In fact, this much easier. You’ll need to visit unifi Sales Enquiry Form (SLOF) on to register interest.

Click this link to visit SLOF page

After you have done all that, please keep the reference number for follow up purposes.

3. Buy modem + simcard

This is one of the temporary alternatives for those who need internet at home because unifi has not entered the area yet. Just use a modem and sim card to work. The installation method also very easy. No need to drill the walls here and there. Just plug and play.

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Before buying this modem, please check what line is good at your residential. One way to know, ask yourself what cell phone line do you use? Celcom? Maxis? Umobile? How’s the coverage? If ok proceed buying that simcard. Or you can use the opensignal app. to check. But I prefer to ask directly in the residential group. Hehe

Lovely reminder

Please be informed that requesting new infrastructure are not an easy task. There is no drag and drop for this kind of work. TMpoint or livechat, they cannot control this but they will escalate to the said team. So please dont “marah marah” ya.

Credit: remstr Mayor

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